Recommended podcasts from the infertility community:

Title Notes
Big Fat Negative Two women at different stages of their infertility journey.
IVFML Season 1 focuses on the couple hosting the podcast, Season 2 includes interviews with those affected by infertility.

Safe podcasts:

Title Notes
Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend Celeb talkshow, safe so far.
Dr Death A story about a serial con artist. Some medical detail but not fertility related.
I Hate It But I Love It Two very funny Canadians discuss what they hate and love about pop culture every week.
My Dad Wrote A Porno Each week a chapter of Jamie’s Dad’s delightful erotic novel is read to his friends. Gross and hilarious.
Office Ladies Each week two cast members of The Office discuss the show episode by episode.
The Complete Guide to Everything Not a guide to learn from (they may not even discuss the topic), but the entertainment value is always high.
The Dollop/The Dollop England and UK Learn about history in a hilarious way.

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