April update

Added in April:

Category Added
TV Shows Catastrophe – a great show but lots of babies shown/an accidental pregnancy between two strangers is the entire premise.

Specific episode triggers also added for Chicago MedThe Good Doctor, and The Resident. 

The Roseanne reboot has a surrogacy storyline.

Splitting Up Together, while excellent, has a secondary character pursuing sperm donation/AI.

Movies A Quiet Place – so worth seeing (LOVED it), but the lead actress is pregnant and gives birth/a newborn is shown.
Video Games Oxenfree and Night in the Woods are both excellent and trigger-free.
Books No new additions.
Satire No new additions.
Good IF Portrayals No new additions.
Avoid list No new additions.
Stand-up No new additions.

March update

Added in March:

Category Added
TV Shows Frasier – S11 miracle baby despite MFI.

The new TV show Living Biblically has a pregnant lead.

Movies Game Night – apparently this new film’s main characters are struggling to conceive because of “stress”, and manage it at the end when the film plot has resolved.

iZombie – safe apart from one line regarding the lead character’s infertility (S2) – but hey, she is dead after all.

You’ve Got Mail – one throwaway line about “having eggs harvested”.

The Secret Life of Pets – safe, as is Moana.

By the Sea – the couple are miserable and it is revealed that she is unable to have children and has had miscarriages. The main female lead tries to break up a happy couple due to pregnancy.

I rewatched The Crazies recently and it’s still great, but yes, the lead is preggers.

Video Games That Dragon Cancer – video game about the death of a baby [also added to avoid].
Books Little Women added
Satire Nothing new added
Good IF Portrayals Nothing new added
Stand-up Nothing new added

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